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Boat Driving Games

Hover Crafty Racing Game Hover Crafty Racing Game

This game is fun! It’s a great little game where you are a hover craft racing to get the best score and beat the clock! Collect fuel tanks to increase... [Play Game]

Balancing Boat Game Balancing Boat Game

The goal of this game is to prevent the barge below from flipping. You control the cannon overhead. Use the space bar to switch between a coconut or bowling... [Play Game]

River Rush Boat Driving Game River Rush Boat Driving Game

In this game, steer the boat with the arrow keys. Dodge the rocks, but hit the glowing ovals for more points. Also go up the ramps for extra points! But... [Play Game]

Fishing Quest Game Fishing Quest Game

This is a simple but fun game! Use your arrows to move the boat and drop the fishing reel to catch the fish below the surface. Fish Quest – Online... [Play Game]

Submarine Boat Fighter Game Submarine Boat Fighter Game

Destroy the boats on the surface using your submarine. Click on the submarine to fire off rockets, move the boat by clicking in the direction you want... [Play Game]

Sea Hunter Fishing Game Sea Hunter Fishing Game

This game is very simple. The goal is to hunt for the monsters from your boat, using your grapple to shoot the heads and drag them to the boat. All you... [Play Game]

Fishing for Monkey Treasure Game Fishing for Monkey Treasure Game

With great cartoon graphics and cute characters, the object of this fishing game is to collect the treasure. Use the left/right arrows to move the boat,... [Play Game]

Fishing on Minnesota Lake Game Fishing on Minnesota Lake Game

In this fishing game, use the space button and arrows to move the boat, but use the mouse to cast and reel in the fish. Fishing Minnesota: Lake of the... [Play Game]

Power Boat Racing Game Power Boat Racing Game

In this exciting 3-D game, the goal is to beat the other boats to the finish line. Use the arrows to move. 3D POWER BOAT RACINGOnline Games  [Play Game]

Boat Race Racing Game Boat Race Racing Game

This is a great game where you get to boat race in the ocean around buoys and other items. – Online games, Free games, Addicting... [Play Game]

Ace Racer Water Boat Racing Ace Racer Water Boat Racing

In this game, you write a skiidoo water boat and jump over dolphins. Pull tricks on ramps and do crazy stuff. – Online games, Free... [Play Game]

Skidoo Driving Game Skidoo Driving Game

This is an interesting and simple little Skidoo Driving Game. Skidoo Racing GameRace your snowmobile around the track trying to get the best possible... [Play Game]

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